Torchy the Battery Boy - Series Two [DVD]

Torchy the Battery Boy - Series Two [DVD]

All 26 episodes from the second series of the children's puppet programme developed by Gerry Anderson. Torchy is a battery-powered boy created by the brilliant Mr Bumble-Drop, who has a variety of adventures amongst the toys of Topsy-Turvy Land. Episodes are: 'Flopsy Goes on a Picnic'; 'Torchy Gets a Surprise'; 'Banana Bridge'; 'King Dithers and Daffy'; 'The Toys Get the Collywobbles'; 'Bogey Learns Another Lesson'; 'The Pollikan Bird is Stolen'; 'Torchy Has An Accident'; 'Sparky the Dragon'; 'Bogey is Naughty Again'; 'Pilliwig Cleans the Chimney'; 'Pongo the Pirate'; 'Pongo in the Goldmine'; 'King Dithers' Birthday'; 'Washing Day in Topsy Turvy Land'; 'Gluebell Wood'; 'Squish Falls Down a Well'; 'Flopsy in Trouble'; 'The Big Storm'; 'Daffy's Birthday'; 'Flopsy Makes a Christmas Pudding'; 'Gilly Golly in Trouble'; 'King Bumble Drop'; 'A New Suit For Pilliwig'; 'The Obstinate Donkey' and 'Pom-Pom Gets the Hiccups'.

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