Thunderbirds Challenge Coins

Thunderbirds Challenge Coins

The five designs in the Thunderbirds challenge coin range depict each of the five Thunderbird craft in a decoratively etched image and the colour associated with the vehicle around the edge, along with small representations of all five craft along the base. The reverse of the coin features the International Rescue Emblem, the Thunderbirds logo and the countdown (with the number corresponding to the craft on the opposite side of the coin being highlighted). Each coin is encased in a protective plastic

Each coin is encased in a protective plastic case but can be removed if desired.

We know you're going to love these FAB Thunderbirds Challenge Coins. Each coin contains awesome graphics and would be a brilliant addition to any collection.

Each Challenge Coin is available individually, or alternatively, you can buy the entire set in our store. The Limited Edition Box Set contains all five Challenge Coins plus an IR Pin Badge! Edition Limit: 1000

Additional info:

Size: 50mm
Material: Zinc Alloy

Hang on, what are Challenge Coins?

The concept of challenge coins dates back to World War 2, during which time they were commonly used to prove the holder’s identity when captured behind enemy lines. Since then, the challenge coin has become its own iconic tradition and a popular item for collectors and casual fans alike. Imagine the scene: you’re at a convention, minding your own business when a rough looking chap with glowing yellow eyes steps up and demands to know your favourite Thunderbird. Challenge accepted! Simply whip out your challenge coin of choice and dazzle him with conclusive proof!


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