Supercar - The Complete Series [DVD]

Intrepid pilot Mike Mercury takes to the skies in the complete series of Gerry Anderson's Supercar. With Professor Popkiss manning the console, and the eccentric Dr. Beaker providing his customary blend of erudition and genius, the stage is set for an adventure series that blends action, humour and charm in equal measure. Gerry Anderson's rarely seen Supermarionation classic is presented here in superbly remastered DVD quality that even Dr. Beaker would find 'most satisfactory!'

[] Full Boost Vertical - The Supercar Story - full length documentary
[] Commentary by Gerry Anderson on two episodes 
[] Supercar Annuals 1962/3 PDFs 
[] Supercar Storybook PDF 
[] Textless Episode Title background footage 
[] Main title footage with SFX-only track 
[] Titles background footage 
[] Commercial break caption 
[] Main titles background footage
[] French main titles 
[] Spanish main titles
[] Series 2 textless episode backgrounds 
[] Supercar and Fireball XL5 stills galleries

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