Protectors (The): Original Soundtrack (CD Set)

Protectors (The): Original Soundtrack

Never previously released and compiled from the original master tapes, this five-CD set comprises the varied themes and incidental scores for the Gerry Anderson produced series The Protectors, containing around 400 pieces of music which were especially composed for the series. Jazz, disco, funk, blues, lounge core, country, comedy and suspense all weave their  way into the rich texture of international adventure for Harry Rule and the Contessa di Contini as their organisation of Protectors take on cases across Europe. In addition, the set includes versions of the hit vocal Avenues and Alleyways performed by Tony Christie, and a song from Eartha Kitt. Including extensive liner notes from television historian Andrew Pixley, this set is an essential purchase for all ITC aficionados.


  • Catalogue Number : 7959013
  • Classification N/A
  • Number of Discs 5
  • Picture N/A
  • Sound Mono / English
  • Subtitles N/A
  • Region N/A
  • Time N/A
  • Short Name Protectors OST

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