Captain Scarlet Board Game

Classic Captain Scarlet Board Game

This game is very much a fan favourite, a fantastic re-release of the official 1967 game based on the Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet!

A Retro Original

With gorgeous graphics from the 1960s, this Captain Scarlet Game sees the famous man himself fight the Mysterons along with colleagues, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre and Lt Green.

Players plan their route across Europe to defeat the enemy and come through as victors!

Become a Spectrum Agent!

Important people in Europe, as in the rest of the world, are under the constant threat of the Mysterons. A Conference has been called - to take place on the southern border of Yugoslavia - to which Heads of Government must be brought from four Regional Bases. Spectrum Patrol Cars, under the command of Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre and Lt. Green are assigned to this task.

After completing this assignment... the Conference decides to send new and detailed defence plans to places all over the Continent. It will require several separate journeys and each one must end at Durness, Scotland... where a plane waits to take information to Cloudbase.

It is the duty of Captain Scarlet and his colleagues to take a convoy along this route and get at least one Patrol Car through to Durness. The Mysterons, will of course, try to destroy the plans.

A Solo or Family Adventure

Suitable for one, two, three or four players.

It's a co-operative game, so you'll really get into the spirit of being a part of Spectrum.

Box Size

40cm long
21.5 cm wide
3 cm height

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