Andersonic Fanzine - Issue 20 (Spring 2016)

Andersonic Fanzine - Issue 20 (Spring 2016)

Issue 20 of Andersonic features:

Brian Johnson interview - a new interview with the FX director of Space: 1999. Brian discusses his work on Stingray, Thunderbirds, 2001, Space: 1999, Alien and many other films.

Mark Harrison interview - Mark talks of his time working on New Captain Scarlet as head of the Scarlet Team. 

Space:1999/ Another Time, Another Place - Mark Braxton takes a look at this popular early episode.

Thunderbirds 1965 Set Visit -  We take a trip to Slough to see the first of the three new Thunderbirds episodes being filmed.

Dream Episodes  - Most series had at least one… were they any good or just a cop-out?

Strip Story - a look at the very first issue of TV Century 21 via the Andersonic time machine. 

Reviews - we review 'The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson' DVD, the CD21 interview discs and Alan Shubrook's latest book. Plus back cover art by Richard Smith.

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