Andersonic Fanzine - Issue 18 (Winter 2014)

Andersonic Fanzine - Issue 18 (Winter 2014)


David Elliott interview - a new interview with APF's editor and director in which he discusses his work on the APF series.

Alan Perry interview - Alan talks of his time working at APF/Century 21 on series such as Stingray and Thunderbirds and directing Captain Scarlet and the live-action UFO, working with puppets, actors and chihuahuas.

Thunderbirds - Is it Invisible TV? A look at why the Andersons' series are often overlooked by the more academic articles about television.

UFO/ Computer Affair - Someone's in lurve but Ed Straker needs a computer to see it. We look at an underrated episode…

Joe 90/ Most Special Agent - two writers discuss this series opener. One of them likes it… the other one's not so sure. 

How do you watch your fave series? -  Our writers reveal their little rituals when watching a bit of Anderson telly.

Strip Story - we look at an individual comic strip to see what makes it tick. This issue - Countdown's Stingray story 'Model Mission' drawn by Brian Lewis.

…plus Alpha Log reports, 2014's event reviews and The Overseers of Psychon. New art by Nigel Parkinson and cover image by Martin Bower.

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