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COVID-19 Information

2:11pm 12/05/2020

Manufacturing services returning to normal

We're pleased to be able to confirm that our manufacturing services are now returning to normal - while maintaining the required social distancing and other COVID prevention protocols.

There is a small backlog of apparel orders which are being produced and shipped over the next 2-5 days, after which we will be producing and shipping goods as normal.

There are still some delays in delivery across the globe so please allow extra time for your products to arrive.

  • If you have ordered for domestic delivery - please allow 14 days for delivery.
  • If you have placed an international delivery - please allow 30 days for delivery.


10:08am 24/04/2020

Royal Mail and International Shipping Delays

While we are still shipping from our warehouse, please be aware that Royal Mail and many international carriers are experiencing delays in deliverability. Despite their best efforts Royal Mail have announced that customers should expect disruption. Domestic deliveries that would normally take 1-2 days, are sometimes taking 10-14 days to arrive. This is a nationwide issue, and is outside of our control.

For international deliveries we are seeing delays of 10-21 days at best. This is a global issue, and is also outside of our control.

In addition we have noticed that Royal Mail's tracking system is not always correct and up-to-date and is sometimes unable to access tracking information. We are equally unable to track these items, so please bear that in mind when contacting our customer service team.

  • If you have ordered for domestic delivery - please allow 14 days for delivery.
  • If you have placed an international delivery - please allow 30 days for delivery.

If those time windows have elapsed, then please contact us and we will do our best to track items, or send replacements if the original is deemed to have been lost.

Please note the following when ordering:

  • We are still shipping from our warehouse - stocked items are shipping as normal.
  • Most manufacture on demand products (t-shirts, hoodies, mugs etc) are not currently being produced and will enter a queue to be produced when our factories are able to reopen. We do not currently have a timescale for this but are working with our manufacturers to get production going as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so.

10:54am 25/03/2020

This information was sent to all customers this morning by email.

Manufacture on Demand Products Paused
Yesterday afternoon we heard that our manufacture/print on demand facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe were all closed following advice from national governments. This has been done to protect the health of workers, and also to reduce the burden on local and national health services.

Unfortunately, that means that all 'print-on-demand' and 'manufacture-on-demand' orders placed after 3pm GMT on 24th March 2020 will be shipped once our printing and delivery facilities are allowed to re-open. Additionally, we will be unable to process any Cancellations, Returns, or Exchanges relating to print-on-demand or manufacture-on-demand items until that time.

You can still order these items, but they will be held in a queue until manufacturing and distribution restarts. We do not currently have a timescale for this.

Please note all our stocked items are available as normal - please see below for further information.

How do I know if an item is affected by this?
All print-on-demand and manufacture on-demand items clearly contain this information (look for PRINT ON DEMAND or similar) in their product description. If you ordered close to the deadline and your item is delayed then we will contact you in the next 72 hours.

Are any other items affected by this?
No. At present, our main fulfilment centre is still operating as normal and is not expected to close as it has been deemed an 'essential service'. This means that stocked items (DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, vinyl, books, comics, keyrings, patches, badges and toys) will still be available as normal subject to slight delays in national and international delivery.

Other Potential Availability Issues
Currently, we expect deliveries of Big Chief figures to be delayed as they are manufactured in China. China's regional lockdowns have meant many factories have been closed. At present we do not have a firm estimate on how long these delays will be but we estimate 4-10 weeks beyond any previous dates given. We do not expect to take delivery in April as previously thought. This is, obviously, completely outside of our and Big Chief Studios' control, so we thank you kindly for your patience and understanding. 

At present wider distribution on many stocked items is still active, but we anticipate there may be supply and stock issues in the next few weeks. If there is something in stock that you would like, then please order it now to avoid disappointment.


4:49pm 24/03/2020

In-stock items are still shipping out in a timely manner with some delivery delays.

Manufacture on Demand Facilities Closure

Unfortunately due to the sudden closure of our manufacture on demand facilities in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe, please be advised that all 'print on demand' and 'manufacture on demand' orders placed from today will be shipped once our printing and delivery facilities are allowed to re-open.

Additionally, we will be unable to process any Cancellations, Returns, or Exchanges relating to print on demand or manufacture on demand items until that time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


11:50am 24/03/2020

The team here is working hard to make sure that if you are stuck at home, you still have Anderson content to enjoy, and we're doing our best to keep a sense of normality and progress against a very challenging backdrop - channeling the optimism of Anderson organisations like International Rescue, Spectrum, SHADO and WASP!

Audio books, dramas and documentaries
We've added loads of audio downloads to the Gerry Anderson Store - many of which are available for FREE. We're working right now to produce more content for you, and will be adding it over the coming weeks and months.

The team are also working like crazy to keep producing FREE content for you to enjoy on the Gerry Anderson YouTube channel. You may already have enjoyed our Thunderbirds Legends series - charting the story of Jeff Tracy and how he came to set up International Rescue (part 3 is out this Saturday!). But we're producing even more content for you - on top of the nearly 500 videos that are already there.

The Podcast
The Gerry Anderson Podcast will continue to be released every Monday morning. With 93 episodes already under our belts, there are 5 whole days worth of content there if you've never listened before. It's totally FREE and you can listen now in 2 clicks with this link.

The Gerry Anderson Store
Thankfully right now the Gerry Anderson Store is relatively unaffected by the global situation. Orders may take slightly longer than usual to arrive, but for now, at least we continue to operate as usual. Please be aware though, that this could change at any moment. We're very grateful for your continued support as we realise that Gerry Anderson merchandise isn't 'essential' at this difficult time, so we are extremely grateful for your ongoing custom.

Production Work
As is the case across the industry all commissioning and production work has been suspended indefinitely. We're still working on the development of some projects, but progress on other announced (and unannounced) titles is currently paused which will likely have major consequences in terms of timing. When we have an update on this we will let you know.

Gemini Force One Re-release
In brighter news, Dad's final book series - Gemini Force One - will soon be receiving a brand new release with new cover art. They'll be available in paperback and ebook formats in the next month or so.

We'd like to thank any of you who are working in vital services such as the NHS (or other medics around the world), government, groceries, transport and delivery/fulfilment around the world who are keeping things going at this difficult time. You are the true International Rescue. Thank you!