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Test yourself with the Thunderbirds Trivia Game!

Do you know your Light Fingered Fred’s from your Jeremiah Tuttle’s, or your Day of Disaster’s from your Brink of Disaster’s? Think you know all there is to know about Thunderbirds? Well now is the time to put your knowledge to the test in this fun and challenging trivia game from Tactic. Do battle with your fellow Thunderbirds fans by answering questions correctly to collect scoring pieces in a race to the finish!

TB Trivia

This game tests the players on a range of trivia from the classic television series, from the basics to the smallest details of individual episodes. If you want to make sure you’re up to scratch before a game just watch through your favourite episodes with your eyes and ears glued to the screen. You can also expect a number of questions about the backgrounds of the characters so maybe read up on their biographies too. The questions are well researched and provide fun debate for those who think they know the episodes better than anyone else.

TB Trivia

But don’t worry, if you and your fellow players are only casual Thunderbirds viewers, each question has multiple choice answers for those who need a helping hand on the tougher questions. But if you think you could take on the likes of Brains himself with your endless knowledge of the series, you can of course answer without any help at all.

TB Trivia

As you move your pawn around the board you land on one of the three questions on the next question card. There are 300 question cards and 100 picture questions for the final stages of the game, meaning there are 1000 questions in total, so there’s plenty of room to play the game over and over again and keep being met with new challenges.

TB Trivia

So in the run up to Christmas this would make the perfect gift for the Thunderbirds fan in your life, even if that happens to be you! Then get the whole family to play after lunch on Christmas Day, as I’m sure the Tracy family will be doing just the same.

Available from the Gerry Anderson shop!