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Where is my order?

How do I see tracking for my order?

What method do you use to ship orders?

Do you ship to my country?

I received part of my order but didn't receive my poster(s). Where are they?


Why is the checkout page web address different to the rest of the shop?

How do I apply my 10% discount code?

I subscribed to the newsletter. Where is my discount code?

I placed my order but forgot to apply a coupon! How do I get my discount?

I'm placing a subscription order but have been directed to another website for checkout. What's happening?

When are payments taken for pre-order items?


How do I return my item?


How do I see prices in a currency other than GBP?


I have a product suggestion that I'd like to see in the Gerry Anderson Store. What can I do?

Why does my t-shirt smell like salt and vinegar crisps?

Loyalty Scheme

What happened to the loyalty scheme?